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By Baconation

Abandoned is a short horror experience that I made in about 1 month. You take the place of an excited explorer of abandoned buildings. After hearing news on a set of buildings located inside of Blackroot Forest, you head out to take a look.
This game is my take on an atmospheric horror experience. It is also my first try at creating a small narrative. I hope you enjoy it!

Many of the assets seen in this game are sourced from the Unity Asset Store:

John Leonard French - Western Audio & Music

Works for Fun - Birch Tree Pack Vol. 1

InspectorJ Sound Effects - 44.1 General Library

Perfect Games - Pickup Model

Sugar Pixels - Humanoid Rig

Azusa - Colorable Leather Sofa and Armchair

Anruval 3D Models - Wooden Chairs 2 Variations

Nathanael Gazzard - Rubble Pieces Detailed Package

Indoe G - Low Poly Props Pack

Profi Developers - Building Shed

Dr.Bean - Free Open Building(Worn)

Mila Shalabai - Modular Abandoned Slaughterhouse: Lite

Aleksey Kozhemyakin - Abandoned Buildings

RPGWhiteLock - AllSky Free - 10 Sky / Skybox Set

MGWSoundDesign - Footstep(Snow and Grass)

Unity Technologies - Terrain Tools Sample Asset Pack

Mute Colossus - TS Sounds

SoundBits - Free Sound FX

Unity Technologies - Unity Particle Pack

Raphael Ernaelsten - Aura 2 - Volumetric Lighting & Fog

Cabled Mess - Minimal UI Sounds

RRFreelance - Scanned Rocks with Moss and Snow

Electrodynamics - Ambient Sample Pack

Unity Technologies - Standard Assets

Little Robot Sound Factory -  Electric Sound Effects Library

InspectorJ Sound Effects - Wooden Fence Destruction (Free Sample Pack)


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Check out the feedback down below and the gameplay here (the game is the first one in the vid):

My feedback


1. The pacing is made sooo well! I liked how slow it starts, the feel of suspense and then things just went down - so good!

2. I adored the comments of the main hero about the houses or the overall environment.

3. The ambiance is nicely done - it really does feel like a creepy buildings in the middle of nowhere. Environment also has some hints that you are not alone in there, very cool!


1. The shadows are hard to see sometimes - they merge with the ground somehow (maybe that was intentional))

2. After death the character still could move and do front flips for some reason XD

3. I would like that something of interesting actually were in the buildings. (Maybe I didn't look thorough enough, but I haven't find anything). Would be cool if in the basement behind the barrels were a body or something like that after founding which something would happen with the car. Or something like that (it is just a proposition).

Overall: I got scared playing the game - and that was fun! I would repeat my self but the pacing was top hole! So amazing. Disadvantages here and there do NOT spoil the experience. 5/5


Thanks for taking the time to leave such a thorough review! I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

(1) There are some issues with shadows which was caused by a mistake I made while changing to a new rendering pipeline. It would most likely require a re-work of the entire project to fix and I don't think it affects the game too much.

(2) I see that you are running version 1.0. The flipping issue that you are talking about was fixed in version 1.2. along with many other problems.

(3) I agree that there should be something interesting in the buildings. I only really put furniture or boxes and barrels to fill the spaces out.

Thank you for the reply!) It is so nice of you)


I really liked the foggy forest atmosphere.
I liked the atmo at all. Well done. 
Expected something around the corner and got the spook of my life ๐Ÿ˜„ even if it was just a noise. Are we supposed to see the monster not coming? Or did i just not look quick enough? And what are these two clouds running around? Are these monsters?
I tried it more than one time, but the third time the cam flew directly into the enemy so i died and saw it the first time, just standing at the car.
The only issue i had was that i wasn't able to read the red dark in-game text or thoughts of the player. I'm a bit colorblind ๐Ÿ™. 
Thank you for the experience ๐Ÿ‘


The clouds are an additional enemy type that patrols around the outside of the map to keep you within the building area. As for the monster, I made it a bit free form so sometimes you might see it coming and sometimes it will get up behind you. I know most horror experiences are rather guided so this is a small departure from the norm.

Sorry about the text, I am aware it can be difficult to read and other players have stated the same. In patch 1.1 I added a simple background to the text but that may not have been enough. I will consider improvements to it if I update the game again.


This was a fun game to play , the doors would of been better with click controls instead of dragging it but only a minor issue. The abandoned area was good it was hard to tell what the place used to be though and i'm quite curious , it looked similar to maybe an old war camp perhaps.

 There was a minor issue again in the ending where the character is repeatedly dying , it might just be my playthrough that bugged out but it made for a unique ending to say the least.

All in all though a good game with it's very own take on a horror genre, it was fun and it would be interesting to see this develop.

Thanks for your feedback! Yes, the way the doors operate does not seem to be intuitive but I don't believe that it requires different controls, just a better explanation of how they work.

The issue with dying repeatedly is something I am aware of and have seen across multiple videos. There is an issue with how the enemies/spirits attack you that I will have to patch some time in the future.

its like one of those youtube videos of a dude exploring a abandoned building, but as a indie game.. not sure what got me at the end but spooky game, good work baconation.

That is the basic story I was going for, thanks.


I heavily underestimated this game, it REALLY got me in the end. Watch me scream at the end xD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIqXeZGYv9k

Ha, glad it was able to get you. Thanks for taking a look.


Had a lot of fun with this. I wish it was longer. Very atmospheric. I wish the 'creature' was more spooky if you get what I am saying, something that match the overall spookiness. Looking forward to future games from ya!! It's the second game in the video. 

Thanks for playing! Yes, I agree that the "creature" is a bit lacking. I think the main problem is the lack of build up to their appearance. Something to think of for future horror projects.


I had so much fun playing it I forgot it was a horror game lul. In all seriousness, good ambiance but maybe you need to work on the monster 

I would agree that the monster is lacking in a few ways. Thanks for making a video!


Pretty fun game, it actually scared me lol. Made you a video: 

I'm glad to see that someone got scared. The more of these videos I see, it seems that I missed the mark when it comes to scares.

Thanks for making a reaction and thanks for leaving your thoughts at the end of the video, I appreciate your honesty. The next time I make a horror game, it's sure to be better because of it.

I saw that you were able to fall of the apartment building and I'm curious as to how you even managed that. It looks like you maybe used the chair to boost yourself up?


It's a secret AND IM NEVER TELLING! Ahaha. Nah I used the chair as a ramp. Also np at all. It was awesome! ^_^


Awesome game! It had just the right amount of scary. I loved being able to hear the things footsteps too. Keep up the good work! I hope to see more from you in the future!

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Thank you for sharing your reaction. It's become very apparent to me that the apartment building is being used like a safe house, lol. It's probably the only building that the baddies cant navigate through.

I'm curious to know how long you wandered around after the "Survive" objective was shown. The enemies are supposed to chase you down after a short while and it appeared like you walked around for a long time.

The first time I walked around for about 3 minutes before they caught me and the second time I just stayed in the apartment building


OK, thanks for letting me know. That may be a bug but I have not been able to replicate it.


Admittedly at first I wasn't sure what to make of this but I stuck with it and BOY am I glad I did!! There are definitely some improvements that could be made (give the poor man a flashlight!!) but this was really cool!

(This is the third game on the video)

Awesome video. Thanks for giving feedback at the end of your play through. I agree that there are some issues (lighting and enemy movement) and if I ever put out a patch, those will be the major fixes to focus on.

Also, I'm glad you thought the game had a good atmosphere, I was aiming for it.


Thank you for making a game play video. I enjoy being able to see how people navigate the game.

i have good creepy story but i think alwasy ...need tutorial game ..this important :D

I did notice that people seem to have problems with controls. That's most likely because I didn't make the control hints very obvious. Something I'll work on in future projects. Thanks for the advice.


Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thanks a lot for making a video on my game! The feedback helps me more than you know.

Thank you so much i'm happy you liked it :)