Dread Expanse is a short prototype that I have developed over the course of a few days to test out a game idea.

Move through a dungeon, fighting enemies, collecting loot, raising your stats, and maintaining your hunger. Attack within a turn-based/real-time hybrid combat system where you and the enemy move at their own pace. Equip items that boost your health, attack damage, and offer special benefits like regeneration or hit deflection. Wear any equipment you find with no worries about level or skill requirements. Your ability to locate good loot determines your chances of survival. Consume potions that give you the ability to teleport or dash, temporarily ignoring the cost of movement.

This is only a small portion of what I want the final version of this game to be. In the future you would be able to:

- Progress to new floors. Each one adding another layer of difficulty.

- Explore endless variety. Procedural generation means floor layouts, enemy compositions, and items would never be the same.

- Maintain progression across sessions. Items gathered and actions performed may help you in a future delve.

- Equip a wide variety of items that provide unique stat bonuses and effects.

- Perform various forms of movement based abilities, allowing you to move in brand new ways.

- Explore multiple different styles of dungeons, all hand drawn and with varied geometry.

- Play on you desktop through download,  browser, or on your smartphone (Android)

- Attack enemies with direction in mind. Back stabs and flank attacks deal more damage and can apply special effects.

The goal of this prototype is the gather feedback from all of you to make the final product better. If you have any thoughts on this prototype, please message me or leave a comment on this page.


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Cool game! I think it should be more obvious when your losing food or health though, I had a hard time telling when I'm about to die vs when I'm winning.

I really liked the grid-based movement though!

Keep it up! I think this game will be pretty cool once its finished! ^-^


Thanks! I am aware the UI isn't perfect but it was a limitation I made for the prototype. I didn't want to spend too much time on this so I made it work just well enough.

I'm glad you like the grid movement. Hopefully I can spice it up with some new and interesting options for traversal. I don't want the movement to feel locked down all the time.