In The Dark

By Baconation

In The Dark is an atmospheric puzzle game where light has become the enemy.
Numerous research projects with you as the subject have lead to bodily mutations. Any source of light now has the potential to not only drain your energy, but burn you alive. Finally released from your "research" you find that the place they have kept you is in pieces.
Find your way out of the facility and hopefully a cure will be waiting for you...

Assets/Tools/Learning Sources used for this project:

Leshy SF Maker

Brackeys - YouTube

Electrodynamics - Ambient Sample Pack

A* Pathfinding

Sound Bits Free SFX - 2020

The Unity YouTube Channel

Mystery Corgi - Hana Font

Mixall Studio - Textures - Brick and Tile - Sound Providers:

Sound Scalpel, Duck Duck Pony, Unfa, Seth M, Kev Durr, LW Dickens, BW Clowes, Adam Gryu, Jomellejager, Joao Janz, Morgan Veilleux, 03 Thib, James Abels, Ryding, Jack Murray, Sword Of Kings, Agfx, 14FPanska_Nemec_Petr, Moai15, Meiyamanor, Erlipresidente, BrainClaim, Mmasonghi, Shelby Shark, WavJunction, Gaiamuse

I have created a survey for use alongside this game to gather information about user experiences:

The survey provides me with some basic information that I can use to make changes and improvements to In The Dark. After playing, I encourage you to take a look.


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This was fun, my palms are sweaty and my heart is racing.  At first the dark parts were a little too dark for me so I adjusted my monitor.  I wouldn't mind if the player had a little flashlight which illuminated the path as you turn.  Maybe with limited battery.  Got to level 5 so far.  The atmosphere is there and the game play is smooth.

Thanks for the description. I'm glad you were able to immerse yourself.

I did add a slight glow to the player so you can see in the dark. It's rather dim since I didn't want it to overpower the scene. In the future I might consider other methods that allow you to see better in the dark.


Very interesting game, the original gameplay and excellent polish makes this game very fun!

Sadly, I got stuck on level 4 since their was a weird glitch with the computer. Also, that walking sound has a lot of static.

Overall fun game though. I can tell you put a lot of work into it! (:


Thanks for your review, I appreciate it!

Could you give me a bit of information about the glitch you are talking about? I am not aware of any issue with computers in any of the levels.

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No problem and thanks for checking out my game. 

As for the glitch. It looks like when you press esc in the computer, the character will constantly move to the left. At least on level 4 it does, I'm not sure about the rest.


I'll look into it. Thanks for letting me know!